How to germinate sprouts

25. June 2018

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Nutritional value of sproats

Sprouts are one of the best superfoods because they contain bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants whose amount will multiply after germination. More about it you can also read in this article:

The process of germinating sprouts


What you need to germinate sprouts by yourself:

1. Sprouting seeds

Sprouts are very inexpensive and productive. From a spoonful of seed could be produced a large handful of crisp sprouts. Organic seeds are highly recommended to use as they should not contain any chemicals that could be harmful.

2. Sprouting jar

Meanwhile, on the market there are many different sprouting devices, which simplify the production of sprouts more and more. Clearly more hygienic than the three-storey germinators are jars with which the sprouts can be rinsed several times a day. The easiest to use sprouting jar looks like this:

Rinse the seeds well under running, cold water. Put seeds in the glass and cover with cold water. Let soak. Сlose the lid. Turn the glass upside down. To rinse, fill the glass twice a day with fresh, cold water and drain again immediately. After rinsing, place the closed jar downwards so that the remaining water can drain off.

Place the seed glass in a warm, bright place, but avoid direct sunlight. After just a few days, the sprouts can be harvested.

Many sprouts can be eaten after 24 hours, for example, sunflower sprouts, lentil sprouts, or cereal seedlings. Others are harvested after 3-7 days, some only after 12 days.

How can you use sprouts?

 Sprouts can be turned into many tasty and healthy dishes.

  • Sprouts become a sprout salad with a dressing
  • Sprouts can be mixed in any salad
  • Sprouts go well with green smoothies. However, only the green leaf part should be used
  • Sprouts can be lightly steamed and eaten as a vegetable garnish
  • Sprouts mixed with onions, herbs and nuts can be enjoyed as a filling, pate and spread

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