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The biological rhythm of our body

Our body works in a certain biological rhythm. Research has meanwhile proven comprehensively that it is not only important how much and what we eat, but when we eat.

Our metabolism is particularly active or inactive at certain times. According to that our body needs carbohydrates, fats and protein at completely different times. For our metabolism to be fast, which is a necessary condition for weight loss and feeling fit and full of energy during the day, we need to consider this body clock.

With our nutrition, we can support our metabolism and run faster, or brake and disturb. The breakfast is a basis for the metabolism, we have discussed in this article:

Breakfast for fast metabolism

Breakfast for fast metabolism

Lunch for fast metabolism

After an intense morning, the body needs new energy. In addition, vital substances must now be produced so that the metabolism stays fast. At noon, therefore, the plate should look like fresh from the farmers market: a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish or meat.

Lunchtime snacks from the bakery, fast-food chains or large portions of noodle should not be part of the lunch, because of their high carbohydrate and fat content, if you really want to lose weight or stay fit. Perfect would be the combination of a vegetable salad with some fish or meat.

Evening food

Carbohydrates should also not be eaten in the evening as the body will recover and regenerate. The same with fats – the body does not need that in the evening. Instead, building material must come from here and that means protein. Do not you feel like cooking in the evening? A protein shake can help to recharge amino acids.

Never more than 18 hours without food

If you want to miss dinner, postpone your lunch for later. If you are having breakfast at 8 AM and want to skip dinner in the evening, don’t have lunch before 2 PM. If the body gets no nutrients and vital substances for at most 18 hours, it immediately starting to slow down the metabolism.

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