Cravings for sugar

25. June 2018

By admin


Cravings for sugar, which can normally turn into uncontrolled eating attacks, is a common phenomenon. There are at least 4 causes possible:

  • Fluctuations of blood sugar level with marked hypoglycaemia
  • Emotional reasons
  • Intestinal fungal infection
  • Sugar addiction

Any combination of these 4 points is possible.

Fluctuations of blood sugar level

A nutrition that based on isolated carbohydrates or high glycemic load foods that end up in the body without fibre causes the pancreas to produce too much insulin. Large amounts of insulin cause the cells to get too much glucose. The blood sugar level is now sinking too low so that it comes in a short time to low blood sugar. Typical symptoms of low blood sugar include palpitations, sweating, tremors, rapid pulse, headaches.

Emotional reasons

Eating sweets are regarded by many people as a reassurance and self-reward after stressful situations. Often these are people who, as a child, received sweets rather than time and love from their parents. And so they spoil themselves as adults with sweets and feel after their consumption a pleasant sense of well-being and a kind of peace of mind. Often such people suffer from a significant overweight.

Intestinal fungal infection

Intestinal fungi mostly feed themselves from sugar. If someone eats too much sugar, they get too much nutrition and energy that they multiply explosively and bring the intestinal flora out of balance. If the affected person does not eat as many carbohydrates as the fungi need, it will sometimes be extremely hungry for sweets without knowing why.

Sugar addiction

A sugar addiction is noticeable by the fact that the sugar consumption is no longer under control. The clear sign of a sugar addiction, however, is when you feel withdrawal symptoms, as soon as you have eaten some sugar for a few hours: irritated, extremely bad-tempered or aggressive.

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