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Our metabolic clock

Our metabolism is particularly active or inactive at certain times. According to that our body needs carbohydrates, fats and protein at completely different times. For our metabolism to be fast, which is a necessary condition for weight loss and feeling fit and full of energy during the day, we need to consider this body clock.

During the day and at night, the work and the efficiency of the metabolism are constantly changing. There are periods of the highest efficiency, usually between 10 and 12 o’clock and once again from 17 to 19 o’clock. Our nutrition can promote or counteract these phases.

Breakfast is the gas station for the day

In the morning you create the basis for the fast or slow metabolism. After the first 120 minutes after getting up, your activation hormones are ready to get you started for the day. The daily hormones serotonin and adrenaline are now screaming for food and this is exactly the right time to support the fast metabolism.

Within the first two hours of the day, you should, therefore, supply your metabolism and every cell of your body with energy. This means mainly carbohydrates and some fat. Because that’s what the cells need to be able to adjust to the energy metabolism after the night. Without these morning energy bombs, your metabolism will slow down and you will not be able to perform well during the day. That’s why you should never miss the breakfast!

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